How It Works is affiliated with a number of sponsor sites (LoveFilm DVD rental, for example). Each of the sponsor sites advertise offers on the referral site, and a credit is received in return for completing one of these offers. Upon registering with the referrals website customers are required to complete one of these sponsored offers in order to activate their account. Customers are then required to refer a number of other people to the site; those who sign up are termed 'referrals'. Referrals who go on to complete a sponsored offer gain the original customer a credit and once the customer has gained enough credits in this way, they are sent their free item.

Proof That FreebieJeebies is a reliable Website:

I received a free iPod touch from FreebieJeebies on 20/02/2011:

The Gadgets Show, a TV show broadcast in the UK:

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3 Simple Steps To Getting Your Free Product

Step 1

Firstly, Sign Up To FreebieJeebies Make sure you only sign up once per home address and once per IP address! There’s no need to worry about spam for your email inbox, nothing at all! All your details are in safe hands.

Step 2

Complete an offer
recommend you complete The LoveFilm DVD rental - There is a 14 day FREE trial so it doesn’t cost a thing! - There are other offers which cost money but you only need to do one per FreebieJeebies account, so you can definitely get your reward for free!
Why do you have to do this? - It is how FreebieJeebies makes enough money - as well as a profit - to pay for you Free gift. When you complete an offer, the advertiser pays FreebieJeebies, even though you don't pay the advertiser anything!

Step 3

Get other people to do exactly the same!
Advertise your referral link absolutely anywhere you can (Keep it legal though… of course). FaceBook/Twitter, forums, Internet classifieds, email others, or hand out business cards, leaflets to people on the street.
Most of all, DON’T give up on your free gift, you CAN get anything you want by simply sticking at it! - That’s how everyone has started.
Why do you have to do this? - When you get someone to sign up and they complete an offer, the offer company pay FreebieJeebies. Some of the money that FreebieJeebies receives from the offer is spent towards your gift. The amount of referrals required for each item brings in enough commission to cover the gift and enough for FreebieJeebies to make a profit.

For more information read my post on How It Works

Keep checking around the blog to see if I post any new referral methods or resources that can help you in one way or another on your way to a free gift.